A Quick Guide for Those Choosing Between Floating and Traditional Staircase Designs

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years staircase designs remained fairly similar. There was always a firm base underneath them that connected all the way down to the ground. Now, modern architecture and improved building practices have allowed the invention of a floating staircase design. These designs have open space beneath each step and the staircase instead relies on a very strong frame which supports all the weight. These are two notably different directions you can go in, so it is important you unpack what each of them would mean for your home.

Traditional Staircase Design

A traditional staircase has a lot of benefits, including structural stability, ease of installation, ability to create storage space and an aesthetic that many people are familiar and comfortable with. You can also modernize this design by incorporating glass balustrades and other minimalist tendencies. If you want a solid design that looks great and will last for decades with absolutely no problems whatsoever, then a traditional staircase design is a good choice.

Floating Staircase

A floating staircase has a lot of benefits, but it is hard to go past the obvious one: the stunning visual appeal. For those trying to create an open atmosphere in there house or business, a floating staircase can be the pièce de résistance. It blends function and form to create an artistic design out of what is traditionally just a utilitarian structure. They are also made of extremely durable metal so that they are very strong no matter how many people are walking up and down them. Perhaps the one drawback is that some floating staircases are quite noisy when used, as they tend to vibrate a little more than solid staircases. 

Which One Should I Get?

This all comes down to personal preference, as there is no way to say which is better in a practical sense. If you prefer modern designs and want to really make your staircase a feature in its own right, then a floating design is right up your alley. On the other hand, if you want a cheaper but still reliable option that people are instantly familiar with, then a traditional design is for you. Once you choose the overall style you want, you can spend more time researching the different variants that fit into these categories, which is where the real fun begins. 

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