Finding the right subdivision contractor

When you are planning a subdivision construction project, there are a lot of external companies and agencies with whom you will have to interact, but none of these is more important than your subdivision contractor who will actually get the work done.

What does a subdivision contractor do?

It's easy to think of a subdivision just in terms of the number of dwellings you want to create, but a subdivision is normally much more than that; it can be viewed as its own community. Each home will require a connection to all the utility services, but the general or public parts of subdivision may require considerable earthworks to create roads and appropriate landscaping. A good subdivision contractor will ensure the completion of all the key infrastructure of your subdivision. This will include utility services such as electricity, water, gas, sewage, etc. They will also handle issues such as the large earthworks required for road construction, the asphalt and concrete pavements, along with all the landscaping across the entire subdivision.

In addition to the general building work, a subdivision contractor will also take into account the effect of their building on the surrounding environment. They will be responsible for erecting retaining walls and dealing with flood control solutions and remediation to ensure that the new subdivision has a minimal impact on the surroundings.

Finding the right subdivision contractor

When such great responsibility lies in the hands of the contractor, it is essential that you select the perfect partner to complete your project. Perhaps the most effective way to find that contractor is to use one with whom you already have an established relationship or one who is known to you through work they have completed for an acquaintance. If you don't know any suitable company, then you will need to start researching possible companies and identifying those who could be potential candidates. Here are the two things that you can't afford to ignore.

Permits and insurance

Any company you choose will be engaging in work on your property, and it is essential that they have all of the required legal paperwork and that they hold insurance to protect you in the event that anything goes wrong while they are on the site or as a result of the work they carry out.

The right fit for your project

Look through their portfolio of past work, and see how many similar jobs they have completed. Ask for testimonials from past clients to see if they were fully satisfied with the service they received.


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