Do You Need a Modulating AC System? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

Are you unsure about the type of air conditioning system that you should buy as you replace the current one in your home? Use the following questions to help you to decide whether a modulating air conditioner would be good for your home.

Are There Cold or Hot Spots in Your Home?

Modulating air conditioning units have more than one speed setting that the system can run on. Ordinary units only have one speed. These ordinary units can create hot and cold spots because the system may cycle on and off within a short time. Consequently, the system will not be able to turn the air within the rooms adequately. Modulating units create uniform conditions within rooms because they take longer to cycle on and off. This longer duration enables the air to be recirculated several times so that your rooms have a uniform temperature.

Are You Disturbed By the Noise of the AC?

Air conditioning units usually emit some noise as they start. You may need to buy a modulating AC system in case you are frequently startled each time the current AC starts. Modulating units take longer as they run, so the frequency of restarting is less than that of ordinary units. A modulating unit is therefore a good choice in case you don't want the noise of the AC to distract your sleep at night.

Does Your Skin Feel Clammy?

AC systems with one speed setting aren't very good and regulating the humidity within your home. The frequent on/off cycling doesn't allow the system to do a good job of mopping up the excess humidity in your home. That excess humidity is what makes you to feel clammy when the weather is hot. Modulating systems reduce how often you will feel clammy in your home. The longer cycle times permit the air conditioner to remove the excess humidity in the air so that you will feel more comfortable when you are in your home.

Is Mould An Issue in Your Home?

A modulating system may be an ideal choice for you if you have been having mould issues that cannot be traced to any water leak in the home. That mould may have grown because of the excess humidity that is in your home.

As you can see, modulating air conditioning systems can improve your comfort in many ways. Ask a technician to visit your home so that you can be advised about the most appropriate AC system size that can give you all the benefits above.

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