Compelling Reasons to Use Stucco for your Brick Walls

Whether you are remodelling your current residence or are in the midst of constructing your first home, one of the considerations you should have in mind is protecting the exterior walls of your brick structure. Siding is a common way of doing this, and you can choose from an array of materials ranging from timber to vinyl. Over the years, stucco has steadily grown in popularity due to the assortment of benefits that it provides. This type of siding is made up of a mixture of silica, lime and cement. Several layers of the stucco are applied to the exterior walls to prevent premature deterioration from the elements. Below are some of the compelling reasons why you should use stucco for your brick walls.

Stucco siding provides you with thermal efficiency

The energy efficiency of your structure is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, if your home is energy efficient, you will reduce the amount of money that you spend on utility costs, which can be highly economical for you in the long run. Secondly, an energy efficient structure is more habitable as the temperatures will stay comfortable whether it is the sweltering summer or the freezing winter due to decreased thermal loss or gain. Depending on the number of layers of stucco that is applied to the brick walls, you can significantly maximise the overall efficiency of your home.

Stucco siding provides you with sound insulation

If you live in a crowded or busy neighbourhood, sound transmission into your home can be a cause for concern. If not addressed, you may find it difficult to have peace of mind in your home. Another pro of choosing stucco siding is that it can reduce the transmission of sound into your home. The sound insulation can also be beneficial to your neighbours, as any noise inside your home will not interfere with them either.

Stucco siding provides you with increased resale value

As long as you own a home, it is always advisable to invest in additions that will enhance the value of your property. Siding is one of the materials that will make your home more valuable down the road for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the siding will enhance the aesthetics of your structure, which improves the kerb appeal of the property. Secondly, stucco is fire retardant. Therefore, it provides your home with increased fire resistance, especially if the structure is in a location that is susceptible to bushfires.

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