Top Reasons Why You Should Install Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Balustrades have so many practical uses in the home. They can be installed to secure stairways and balconies, to cordon off pool areas, to create unique border lines, etc. If you are considering installing balustrades inside your home, you are thinking in the right direction. Interior glass balustrades can offer so many great advantages to homeowners, some of which are highlighted below:

Glass balustrades look stylish

If you want balustrading that will look nice in your interior space, glass balustrading is a brilliant option. Glass has a chic look that can match well with any interior home design style, be it traditional, modern, or contemporary. You can opt for framed or frameless glass balustrades, depending on the specific look you have in mind. Frameless glass balustrades are ideal when you want to give your home an elegant, modern look, while framed balustrades may work best when you want to create a sharp contrast between the glass panels and the handrails placed on the top edges. 

Glass balustrades create the illusion of a larger space

Unlike wood or metal balustrades, which won't let the light pass through them, glass balustrades create an illusion of a bigger space within a room, thanks to their transparent nature and reflective properties. This makes installation of glass balustrades ideal for homes with small rooms.

Glass balustrades are safe and durable 

Many people associate glass with fragility. Perhaps that is because they think the regular glass used to make drinking glasses, flower vases and other easily breakable glass items is the same one being used to make balustrades. That is not the case. Manufacturers of glass balustrades understand very well just how dangerous glass can be when used to install various components around the home. That is why they do not simply use any glass but thick, tempered or toughened glass to make balustrades. Toughened glass is a special grade of glass that does not break easily when subjected to high loading requirements. The higher the loading requirements, the thicker the glass should be, in general.

Glass balustrades are easy to maintain

With glass balustrading systems, homeowners can forget about dealing with problems like corrosion and warping that may occur with metal or wooden balustrades, which often demand ongoing maintenance. To keep glass balustrades in looking brand new, all that's required is occasional cleaning with a clean cotton towel or soft rag and some mild glass cleaning detergent.

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