The Various Kinds of Line Marking Stencils Available for Use on Commercial Driveways and Parking Lots

If you have just installed a new commercial driveway and parking lot, the next thing you are supposed to do is to ensure they are properly line marked. Line marking is usually done using different types of stencils, each designed for a specific job. Here is a run-through of some of the line marking stencils that your road or general contractor can use to mark various signs and symbols on your commercial driveway and parking lot.

Directional line marking stencils

If you are to ensure the free flow of vehicular traffic in your commercial driveway and parking lot, drivers entering or exiting your premises will need to be pointed in the correct direction. This is what directional stencils are designed for. The whole stretch of the driveway must be clearly lined marked to prevent collisions that may arise because of drivers who are not able to stick to their side of the road. Arrow stencils can be used to install signage meant to guide drivers on what routes to take when inside the parking lot. 

Arrow stencils are available in a range of styles, such as straight arrow stencils, arrow head stencils, curved arrow stencils, combo arrow stencils, et cetera, et cetera. These stencils can be used in tandem with short words, such as "EXIT", to point out to drivers that they are leaving a certain area.

Instructional line marking stencils

These stencils can be used to give instructions on the proper use of your driveway and parking area. Traverse lines (lines that crisscross on the road) may be used to give instruction that drivers should stop and give way, for example. This can help warn drivers stay safe by warning them of impending situations. Instructional stencils can also be used to provide readable signs, such as a "STOP" sign to inform drivers that they will need to check into the security system at the main gate before they can gain entry into your commercial premises. 

Disabled line marking stencils

Parking in commercial areas can be quite a hassle for disabled drivers. As you may deduce from the name, these types of stencils are used to cater to the needs of disabled drivers. They are used to mark areas that are dedicated to or reserved for disabled parking, so that other able-bodied drivers do not occupy these spaces. Disabled stencils can be used to mark anything from words, such as "DISABLED PARKING" to images of a wheelchair-ridden individual. 

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